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Art Night 2018 Family Friendly Suggestions - Art Night 2018 - Art Night 2018
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Art Night 2018 Family Friendly Suggestions

Art Night
July 3, 2018

Art Night is a festival which welcomes everyone, and aims to be as inclusive as possible to people of all ages and backgrounds. All the art installations and performances, apart from the Club Nights, are open to children and their families until midnight.

Family-Friendly Suggestions from the projects curated by Hayward Gallery:

Children will enjoy Halil Altindere’s Space Refugee at the British Interplanetary Society, which merges reality and science fiction in a playful way yet is also a catalyst to more in-depth conversations about society and the refugee crisis.

Suzanne Treister’s mural SURVIVOR (F) + Interplanetary Dresses For Space Travel puts Battersea Power Station into a futuristic context, and is thus a fun, engaging way to spark children’s creativity and imagination in rethinking the future and the importance of technology in our environments.

Lara Favaretto’s installation I poveri sono matti is a red and blue caravan suspended thirty metres above the ground by crane, which used to belong to a circus family. A recording of the popular polka song, ‘Rosamunde’, resonates from the caravan’s interior to the street below.

Miao Ying’s Happily Contained at Embassy Gardens Marketing Suite will introduce children to the world of virtual reality, engage them with technology and spark discussions about to what extent our lives end up finding a home online.

Jeremy Deller’s musical performance This Place in collaboration with the Melodians Steel Orchestra UK can be enjoyed by all ages.

Tamara Henderson’s  Vision 3: Flowering Transition merges nature and modern life by using flowers and natural materials in an abstract performance in the New Covent Garden Market.

Family-Friendly Suggestions from the Art Night Open and Outreach Programmes:

Random International’s Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) responsive sculpture translates the onlooker’s full-length, moving reflection into light, captured within large layers of glass. There will be special performances by Studio Wayne McGregor choreographed in response to the work as part of Art Night.

Interaural Contour I by Marianne Jõgi and Ülo Krigul is an intimate architectural installation in Battersea Park, an acoustically active environment whose mathematical structure promotes relaxation, wellbeing, and supports learning.

Maria Cruz Vallespir and Fion Gunn’s collaboration at The Workshop, Lambeth High Street will be an exciting event for children: one group will join a procession with Fion Gunn, carrying many props and re-enacting Ulysses’ journey home from Ithaca, while another will do arts and crafts with Maria Cruz Vallespir to reflect on what home means to them, weaving their ideas into a model of a house, mirroring Penelope’s tapestry she wove while waiting for her husband to return from his journey.

Sam Ayre’s Nod Scene is the result of a collaboration of artists and local school children: they were asked how they would like their environment, their home, to change, and it culminated into an innovative art performance by artists on Art Night and during the family trail. The next generation has been given a voice in the changes in their environment and hope to be heard. The band performance takes place at 19:30, Battersea Power Station.

The Youth Film School: Over the past year, thirty 11–19 year olds have participated in Art Night’s inaugural Youth Film School, culminating in 3 films, each with two possible endings. The beginning of the films will be shown at BFI Southbank at 18:30. Head to Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre and the R.O.S.E Community Clubroom to view each of the alternative endings. Films at the Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre and the R.O.S.E Community Clubroom will be on loop until 22:00.

Ben Judd’s participatory site-specific installation at Doddington Estate will encourage families to build domes together, constructing abstract homes and rethinking how communities and urban landscape are constructed.

Heen-Wah Wai and Maggie Hou’s Floatingspaces at Mother, Battersea Power Station is a colorful, geometric and musical multisensory experience, which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Joanna Rajkowska’s Chariot at the R.O.S.E Community Club is an immersive and participative performance, which encourages children and families to join the chariot, rethinking the boundaries of home, borders, and immigration.

Larry Achiampong’s light installation and performance at StudioRCA Riverlight will respond to the theme of otherness, developing a landscape fusing with references to science fiction, video games and future narratives.

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