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Cruz María Vallespir, Institute of Imagination, Odyssey Group
Art Night Outreach

A series of workshops, installations and interactive artworks based at The Workshop, Lambeth High Street by the Institute of Imagination, Cruz María Vallespir and Odyssey Group.


1.Lab Late: Art Night Meets Super City
Institute of Imagination

Drop in between 6-10pm

Installation and making workshop

Super City is a concept by artists Jim Bond, Helaina Sharpley and Samantha Bryan. Since May, this installation at the Imagination Lab has been collaboratively constructed by children, families and adults, who have taken part in making workshops using wire, mesh and simple coding to bring this mini-city to life. The installation is truly collaborative and at Lab Late: Art Night meets Super City, you will have the chance to design and make your own additions to this growing city, with artist Jim Bond. Try your hand at creating buildings, transportation and the people that make up Super City.

Institute of Imagination

Twitter: @ImaginationLdn
Instagram: @instituteofimagination


Cruz María Vallespir

6:00pm – 6:30pm MI CASA poetry reading by Sonia Quinteros
6:30pm – 9:00pm Memories of home drawing and embroidery workshop on a drop-in basis.

Installation / Workshop /  Poetry reading

MI CASA is an installation by artist Cruz María Vallespir. Developed in collaboration with the local community, the exhibition explores how migrants living in south London recall and imagine ‘home’. MI CASA comprises one ‘Story-House’ structure in which visitors discover a migrant’s story told through recorded audio and intricate thread drawings of treasured places, people and objects. The exhibition includes an interactive migration map and a drawing/embroidery workshop for anyone that would like to join from 18:00 to 21:00 on a drop-in basis. Additionally, from 18:00 to 18:30 there will be a poetry reading by Sonia Quinteros, a migrant represented in the installation.  MI CASA invites visitors to experience a landscape of memory, showcasing the experiences of a community long under-represented in south London’s cultural fabric.

Mi Casa – threaded stories of migration, part of a master´s degree project. The master is at Central Saint Martins, UAL and is called Narrative Environments.

Supported by: Student Initiative Fund – SU, Latin Elephant, Migration Museum Project, Latin Society


Instagram: @micasamigration
Email: micasamigration@gmail.com


3. Odyssey – The Journey Home
Odyssey Group: Fion Gunn, Sebastian Kalwij, Lindsay Moran, Audrey Mullins, Jane Skead, Rongzi Wu. Documentarists: Kate Reynolds & Jane Clegg. Facilitator: Jenny Shepherd


6-7.45pm: Procession from  Whitehart Dock on Albert Embankment to The Workshop
6-10pm: Exhibition at The Workshop
Procession starts at Whitehart Dock at 6pm ends at The Workshop at 7.45

Multi-media Art Exhibition/ Installation / Procession/ Poetry/ Public Workshops/Guided Tours

‘Odyssey – the Journey Home’ is inspired by the journey of Odysseus as he made his way home to Ithaca encountering many obstacles on the way, a familiar pattern for refugees and immigrants all over the world. This Odyssey explores our ideas, memories of and feelings about home, and includes an artists’ performance/procession (starting at Whitehart Dock @ 6pm, arriving at The Workshop @ 7.45pm). Workshops will run throughout the evening from 6pm so that the public can participate actively in the event, making artefacts, talking with the artists and joining guided tours every hour on the hour. Suitable for all ages.


Supported by South London Refugee Association & Streatham Drop-In Centre. 

Supported by London Borough of Lambeth.



The Workshop


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6:00pm – 10:00pm

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