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Art Night 2018 Family Friendly Suggestions

Art Night is a festival which welcomes everyone, and aims to be as inclusive as possible to people of all ages and backgrounds. All the art installations and performances, apart from the Club Nights, are open to children and their families until midnight.

Family-Friendly Suggestions from the projects curated by Hayward Gallery:

Children will enjoy Halil Altindere’s Space Refugee at the British Interplanetary Society, which merges reality and science fiction in a playful way yet is also a catalyst to more in-depth conversations about society and the refugee crisis.

Suzanne Treister’s mural SURVIVOR (F) + Interplanetary Dresses For Space Travel puts Battersea Power Station into a futuristic context, and is thus a fun, engaging way to spark children’s creativity and imagination in rethinking the future and the importance of technology in our environments.

Lara Favaretto’s installation I poveri sono matti is a red and blue caravan suspended thirty metres above the ground by crane, which used to belong to a circus family. A recording of the popular polka song, ‘Rosamunde’, resonates from the caravan’s interior to the street below.

Miao Ying’s Happily Contained at Embassy Gardens Marketing Suite will introduce children to the world of virtual reality, engage them with technology and spark discussions about to what extent our lives end up finding a home online.

Jeremy Deller’s musical performance This Place in collaboration with the Melodians Steel Orchestra UK can be enjoyed by all ages.

Tamara Henderson’s  Vision 3: Flowering Transition merges nature and modern life by using flowers and natural materials in an abstract performance in the New Covent Garden Market.

Family-Friendly Suggestions from the Art Night Open and Outreach Programmes:

Random International’s Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) responsive sculpture translates the onlooker’s full-length, moving reflection into light, captured within large layers of glass. There will be special performances by Studio Wayne McGregor choreographed in response to the work as part of Art Night.

Interaural Contour I by Marianne Jõgi and Ülo Krigul is an intimate architectural installation in Battersea Park, an acoustically active environment whose mathematical structure promotes relaxation, wellbeing, and supports learning.

Maria Cruz Vallespir and Fion Gunn’s collaboration at The Workshop, Lambeth High Street will be an exciting event for children: one group will join a procession with Fion Gunn, carrying many props and re-enacting Ulysses’ journey home from Ithaca, while another will do arts and crafts with Maria Cruz Vallespir to reflect on what home means to them, weaving their ideas into a model of a house, mirroring Penelope’s tapestry she wove while waiting for her husband to return from his journey.

Sam Ayre’s Nod Scene is the result of a collaboration of artists and local school children: they were asked how they would like their environment, their home, to change, and it culminated into an innovative art performance by artists on Art Night and during the family trail. The next generation has been given a voice in the changes in their environment and hope to be heard. The band performance takes place at 19:30, Battersea Power Station.

The Youth Film School: Over the past year, thirty 11–19 year olds have participated in Art Night’s inaugural Youth Film School, culminating in 3 films, each with two possible endings. The beginning of the films will be shown at BFI Southbank at 18:30. Head to Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre and the R.O.S.E Community Clubroom to view each of the alternative endings. Films at the Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre and the R.O.S.E Community Clubroom will be on loop until 22:00.

Ben Judd’s participatory site-specific installation at Doddington Estate will encourage families to build domes together, constructing abstract homes and rethinking how communities and urban landscape are constructed.

Heen-Wah Wai and Maggie Hou’s Floatingspaces at Mother, Battersea Power Station is a colorful, geometric and musical multisensory experience, which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Joanna Rajkowska’s Chariot at the R.O.S.E Community Club is an immersive and participative performance, which encourages children and families to join the chariot, rethinking the boundaries of home, borders, and immigration.

Larry Achiampong’s light installation and performance at StudioRCA Riverlight will respond to the theme of otherness, developing a landscape fusing with references to science fiction, video games and future narratives.

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Interview with Simon Tovey, Specialist in 20th Century & Contemporary Art at Phillips

Which projects or events are you most excited for at this year’s Art Night programme?

I am super excited about Jeremy Deller’s musical performance, This Place. I greatly enjoyed listening to him in conversation with Ralph Rugoff, Hayward Gallery Director, in April at Phillips as part of the Art Night Talks programme. I am also looking forward to seeing Charlotte Colbert’s film projection, Wandsworth Road. I loved her recent work, Benefit Supervisor Sleeping (2017) which pays homage to Lucian Freud’s masterpiece and the wonderful Sue Tilley, who Phillips was lucky enough to host as part of a collaborative event a few years ago.

Charlotte Colbert, Benefit Supervisor Sleeping, 2017

What is your favourite unusual space in London, and why?

I recently went for a walk around Highgate cemetery, resting place to both many known and unknown names. There is an astonishing beauty in the varied funerary architecture surrounded by magnificent trees and wildlife. Nestled within this extraordinary corner of London are thousands of stories of love and loss, which gives pause to boundless reflection.

What is your favourite piece of art that isn’t in a gallery?

There is a beautiful Barbara Hepworth sculpture, Single Form (1964) which stands by the lake in Battersea Park, very close to my home in London. Every time we walk past it, I stop to look at it. Invariably, it has people surrounding it, resting up against it or running the hands across its bronze surface. Like all of her work, it is at once both organic and yet man-made – like it’s always been there, but somehow is also meticulously crafted. I love the way in which people interact with it. For me, it takes me to St Ives, in Cornwall, once home of the great artist herself, and a place where I spend a great deal of time and which means a huge amount to my family.  

Our 2018 curatorial themes, outlined by Hayward Gallery, are home and the urban landscape – what do you feel is your concept of home?

I suppose home might mean different things to different people – to some this could be physical bricks, mortar and the objects they surround themselves with. To others it might be their family and loved ones who form a structure around their lives. For me personally, it’s the landscape of familiarity filled with those people. London in its vibrancy, the west country with its rolling countryside; Cornwall and west Wales for sea air, dramatic coastlines and crashing waves! All of these concepts are united by the feeling of tranquility and security which they lend to those who identify with them.  

You’ve just concluded your Summer London Day and Evening Sales at Phillips. Do you feel like there are any particular thematic links between the London sales and the Art Night 2018 themes?

The themes for Art Night’s 2018 programme give rise to ideas of identity, culture and our personal journeys within these landscapes. The art created in celebration of these interactions, is a vicarious experience which guides people through these passages. I love the way in which art can do that. Working at an auction house, we look at art on a constant basis – however, nothing is better than watching people react to the works hanging on display during a sale week. This is surpassed only by the moment that someone recognises their connection with an object which they cannot live without!

Simon Tovey
Simon Tovey at Phillips HQ in Berkeley Square

Art Night and Phillips both follow the same ethos of making art accessible through staging public events and exhibitions – as a free festival Art Night specifically works to make artworks more accessible through the use of outdoor and publicly-available space. In what ways do Phillips, as a contemporary-leaning auction house, find ways to democratise contemporary art and find new audiences?

Part of Phillips’ ongoing strategy is to constantly ask ourselves the question ‘What does it mean to be a 21st century auction house?’. This is a good litmus test of any undertaking and helps us to think about those audiences we want to reach as much as those who already know about Phillips. Our auctions span a wide breadth from New Now, which champions the new and interesting at a lower price point, to our Evening Sales, like those of last week, which present the most coveted works to market. The term auction house is very fitting; we want to be a hub or a haven for those who are interested in art, in all forms, and we want to keep our doors open and accessible to anyone interested. This is why we have events and exhibitions as well as auctions, to provide this interaction to our followers. We love the ongoing education which comes from interaction and conversations through art.  


Find out more about Phillips here

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Out and About on the Art Night trail: South Bank

With so many artists and projects for Art Night 2018 (over 70!), as the festival approaches, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on the full length of the Art Night trail! This year, Art Night is weaving a nocturnal path between Battersea Power Station and South Bank,  via Vauxhall and Nine Elms. The most ambitious trial to date – set in one of the most culturally distinct parts of London. Continuing on from our previous blog posts highlighting Nine Elms & Battersea and Vauxhall, here’s a guide of things to do and see at the South Bank during Art Night:

On 7 July, the South Bank, will feature two Hayward Gallery curated artist projects: Yuan Goang Ming at the Hayward Gallery and Liv Wynter’s event RUPTURE at the Garden Museum. In addition, the South Bank will play host to the Art Night 2018 Film School at the BFI, plus 24 projects by local artists and galleries throughout the South Bank area in the Art Night Open programme, with everything from performance, installations and film screenings to interactive games and workshops, all in unusual and exciting spaces.

Coming towards South Bank from Vauxhall, theGarden Museum is located in the deconsecrated church of St. Mary-at-Lambeth, on the river next to Lambeth Palace. On the night of the 7th of July, it will be transformed by Liv Wynter for RUPTURE, with performances split into three acts at 8pm, 10pm and 12am:  spoken word and poetry; DRAG and dance performances; and live music and DJs.

Onwards, you can stop by one of the countless restaurants and bars in South Bank (more on that below!) and then at the Hayward Gallery, appreciate the Brutalist facade before entering the superficially comfortable living room of Yuan Goang-Ming’s Dwelling video installation, with screenings from 6pm–4am. A pioneer of Taiwanese video art, Yuan’s work for Art Night is a continuation of his investigation into the cultural nuances of ‘home’, ‘dwelling’ and ‘ruins’.

Yuan Goang-Ming, Dwelling-Moment III, 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

With so much going on, you probably haven’t even considered how you will travel to the South Bank, so why not use one of the more unique ways? For Art Night the MBNA Thames Clippers will run a bespoke boat service between London Eye Pier and Battersea Power Station via St George Pier in Vauxhall from 7pm–4am. For Art Night the service is a little different, as it becomes a floating arts bar designed by Bompas and Parr, celebrating the humble potato through food and cocktails.

From the London Eye Pier, take The Queen’s Walk on the embankment towards the Hayward Gallery. With views of Big Ben and the London Eye, the walk is a spectacular way to spend the evening as the sun sets and the night-time awakens.

Leake Street Arches – a walkway adorned in graffiti art – is worth a visit before Art Night, and during the festival, it will be transformed by installation, soundscape and performance. The tunnel will host Lucky23 and graffiti artist SODA, Andreas Johansson’s installation piece A Wire Fence Gate And Its Shadow, with Andreas Levisianos and Nikolas Ventourakis presenting a soundscape piece alongside this. Meanwhile Christopher MatthewsLads draws on dance and art histories to explore idealised physical form, class structure and notions of masculinity. In Uncertain Subjects Part II, by Uta Kögelsberger, a billboard performance bears testimony to a city undergoing a fundamental transformation against the wishes of the majority of its residents. The immersive arts and events venue Aures London will, for one night only and in celebration of Art Night 2018 and Pride in London, present Gabriel Mulvey and Paul Coombs’ live re-imaginings of their geolocated video work Backbone in twelve acts. Also at Aures, Zabludowicz Collections brings together the respective practices of New York based artist Peter Burr and London based musician Oliver Coates, an audio-visual performance which unfolds in real time.

©Nikolas Ventourakis, 2018

We take pride in shining a light across the city’s many wonderful spaces and venues. One of these many iconic spots include the Southbank Undercroft, an integral part of the South Bank and called the ‘spiritual home of British skating’. During Art Night the park will host performance and exhibition From Palace to Palace, which traces South London’s skateboarding spots through the decades; celebrating sanctuaries for the UK’s weathered skate scene.

Louis Alderson-Bythell and Kate McCambridge

Meanwhile at the Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf, there are many different artists projects to discover. Louis Alderson-Bythell and Kate McCambridge present an installation and live performance while Duggie Fields, Sean Dower, David James explore the notion of identity through multidisciplinary architecture. If you’re into video installations, there’s Jeff Cain’s Skyglow (2008/2018), Alterazioni Video’s Ambaradan (2014) and Puck Verkade’s Bait, which draws parallels between environmental and sexual violence, exploring matters of consent, complicity and the ethics of care. Combining video with performance at the same venue is Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of Feelings by Sophie Seita – a queer-feminist multimedia performance piece. Artist Sebastian Kite presents We will meet in the place where there is no darkness, a site-specific installation exploring the relationship between materiality and time.

Sebastian Kite (2017)

In the foyer of the BFI, Daata Editions will screen Queertopia, an online project curated by Gemma Rolls-Bentley, in the foyer at BFI from 6pm–12am. Queertopia is a collection of work that reviews the existence of queer communities and their spaces. Also not to miss while at the BFI is David Birkin’s Charade, screening until 2am; the video was filmed in collaboration with the human rights organisation Reprieve, together with over 50 actors and artists. Curator Louise Chignac presents a film screening of Pierre Huyghe, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Elizabeth Price and Laure Prouvost in conversation on the struggles, experiments and ongoing questioning that are inherent to the creative process.

Then just a stone’s throw away from the BFI, hop over to the National Theatre Riverside Square, for the first public performative installation in London by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. Sodi will build a 2-meter-high by 8-meter-long wall in the riverside square for Muro.  Passers–by will be invited to dismantle the wall brick-by-brick and take part of the artwork home!

From river to farm, Pervilion present a major performative sound work by Sasha Pirogova at Oasis Farm Waterloo. Then at the Old Paradise Yard, Anne Sylvie Henchoz and Philippe Daerendinger present a performance and sculpture based on their artist book, edited by TSAR: Don’t Forget to Touch Me. Going inside gallery walls, at Morley College, Turner Prize-winning artist Elizabeth Price presents txtʃərz: a new two-screen video installation.

Elizabeth Price, txtʃərz

At the King George V Room in the Marriott, two performances transform the space. Faun is a performative installation by artist Jane Bustin, inspired by Nijinsky’s iconic work, the first modernist ballet L’après-midi d’un faune. PIROUETTE is a performance by Lithuanian artist Lina Lapelyte.

Food and Drink

For sustenance in the South Bank area, there are various special late-openings and offers for Art Night. Stop by Marriott Hotel County Hall for the delicious new cocktail ‘Art Night’, served all day on 7 July. Fuel yourself with some street food at Southbank Centre Food Market (open until 8pm) or quote ‘Art Night’ to choose any cocktails and a sharing platter for £29.50 at Park Plaza County Hall until 11pm. Make a reservation in Primo at Brasserie Joel quoting ‘Art Night’ and after dinner enjoy 2-for-1 on any cocktails of your choice whilst enjoying live music until 11.30pm. Alternatively enjoy £5.50 Aperol Spritz at Florentine Restaurant and Bar!

Take this route through the South Bank or design your own on the Art Night website, where all Hayward Gallery curated projects and Art Night Open Projects are listed by area. So the question is, where will you spend your Art Night?

Let us know if you are coming on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Words: Emma Townsend

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Out and About on the Art Night trail: Vauxhall

As you may know, this year’s curatorial themes are ‘home’ and ‘urban landscape’, which are especially relevant to this area south of the river. Vauxhall is home to some of the oldest public gardens in London– locations for entertainment and leisure for hundreds of years. Vauxhall continues to grow as a dynamic area with new developments and contemporary galleries moving into the neighbourhood, including Art Night Open venues Newport Street Gallery, Gasworks, Beaconsfield Gallery and Brocket Gallery.

Vauxhall Park. Image via Kennington Runoff

On the Art Night programme this year, artist Prem Sahib is utilising one of the many green spaces in the area, presenting a new work co-commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society inside Vauxhall Park titled 500 Sq ft (2018), based on the footprint of a typical one-bedroom flat. Vauxhall Park is a Victorian park, which has been a haven of tranquility and escape for the Lambeth community for over 125 years. The volunteer group Friends of Vauxhall Park continue to protect and enhance the park through community initiatives, such as gardening.

Although Prem Sahib’s work is set in Vauxhall Park, 500 Sq ft is inspired by the rich history of nearby Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Previously open as one of the few ‘Pleasure Gardens’ or ‘Spring Gardens’ from 1661 to 1859, these were more than just public gardens or green spaces – they were venues for art, music and theatre. Sahib’s work draws on these notions of green spaces transforming into indecorous spaces after dark, taking the form of a modular, maze-like structure inspired by paths and walkways.  The Museum of London describes Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens historically displaying ‘paintings by William Hogarth and Francis Hayman in its supper booths, effectively becoming the first public art gallery in Britain.’ Art Night continues this tradition by making Vauxhall a space for public art to be enjoyed as both day- and night-time entertainment.

In addition to Sahib’s work in Vauxhall Park, he and his fellow artist/DJs George Henry Longly and Eddie Peake will be hosting a club night at Bloc South in Vauxhall. Early bird tickets for AHMD are on sale now, get them while they’re hot here.

Art Night Open project Vicky Long & Scenografika, supported by Vauxhall One, also pays homage to the Pleasure Gardens, with a neon sign ‘pleasure,’ set within the Gardens.

Halil Altindere, Mars Mission #2, 2016, C-print, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Pilot Gallery, Istanbul

Two minutes’ walk away from the parks is the British Interplanetary Society (founded in 1933!), the oldest space advocacy organisation in the world. For Art Night the Society will open its doors to the public for Halil Altındere’s multi-media installation Space Refugee (2016–18) which explores the story of Muhammed Ahmed Faris, the first Syrian Cosmonaut. The installation is set up like an old-fashioned space museum, with ‘artefacts’ of space travel and a newly commissioned bust of the cosmonaut. At the forefront of the project is a video showing Muhammed Ahmed Faris in conversation with other refugees, discussing the possibility of returning to their homeland or creating new homes on other planets where they will feel welcome. As Faris states in the video: “I hope we can rebuild cities for them in space, where there is freedom and dignity and where there is no tyranny, no injustice.”

Cécile B. Evans, Amos’ World. Episode One, 2017. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Emanuel Layr

Along your way, don’t forget to head to Spectrecom Studios on Kennington Road, where you’ll find yourself in a fully kitted-out television studio for a special live recording! Cécile B. Evans is at Spectrecom Studios for Art Night, filming the final episode of her three part video work Amos’ World: Amos’ World is Live.  The plot centres around a fictional TV show depicting a socially progressive housing estate, which melds puppetry and CGI with live action actors. You, as the audience, will have a chance to have a hand in the decision making in the story, making this a truly unique piece for Art Night. Please bear in mind that there is limited capacity in this venue and that entry will be first-come, first-serve for each performance. Street Food trucks provided by Street Dots will be on hand outside to give you sustenance for the night ahead.

We’d recommend heading to Vauxhall via the bespoke MBNA Thames Clippers service, which runs on Art Night from 7pm until 4am! Book your 50% off return or hop on, hop off River Roamer tickets now here using the code ARTNIGHT18 at checkout. Hurry; the offer is only valid until 30 June! From Vauxhall Pier, the first project you will come across will be Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) (2018), Random International’s first permanent, public, outdoor work in the UK. Presented by curator Futurecity, this responsive sculpture translates the onlooker’s full-length, moving reflection into light, captured within large layers of glass. Random International will once again collaborate with Studio Wayne McGregor for a special performance choreographed in response to the work as part of Art Night, which you can see on the hour from 6pm–10pm. Random International are working with Future/Pace; Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) has been commissioned by St James, part of the Berkeley Group, for its redevelopment of Albert Embankment.

Urban Planting

Bonnington Square. Image via Composition Wonderland

When you find yourself wandering through Vauxhall on the Art Night trail, look out for the urban planting throughout the area. There are charming corners of greenery situated on Vauxhall Walk, Pedlars Park, and Old Paradise Street. On your way to Beaconsfield Gallery and Newport Street Gallery for more of our Art Night Open events, keep an eye out for a refreshing amount of foliage around you.

More in the area

True Colours installation view, Boo Saville, courtesy Newport Street Gallery. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates

In Whose Eyes?, a group exhibition looking at feminist ideologies by collective Practice in Dialogue, will be exhibited at Beaconsfield Gallery, with botanical cocktails from the Ragged Canteen available whilst you wander around the space. At Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery, there will be a special event in response to the current exhibition True Colours: a night of music curated by the exhibiting artists. The playlists will play through the galleries – don’t miss the live DJ set in Pharmacy by Boo Saville.

Miriam Austin, still from Objects for a Mourning Ritual (2016)

There are many unusual or private spaces in Vauxhall that you may not have the chance to see except on Art Night, keeping to our ethos of art in unexpected London locations.

Head to the Members room of the KIA Oval Cricket Ground to see Laura Malacart and Andrej Bako The Little Book of Answers (2018); see Colette Sadler and Mikko Gaestel’s video work Body A at St Peter’s Church; and watch the results of the Art Night Film School as part of our Outreach programme at the Vauxhall Community Centre. Other projects in the area include Ben Hughes’ ceramic works at Brocket London, as well as Helena de Pulford, Jack Evans and Oona Wilkinson’s installation The Floor is Lava at Subsidiary Projects. And if you feel early bedtime isn’t an option, you’re spoilt for choice between Prem Sahib’s AHMD or ‘Duckie presents Gay Shame 2018: The Light at the End of the Tunnel’ at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Food and drink

Looking for special cocktails, or a bite to eat in the midst of the trail?

Not only will Brunswick House stay open until 2am with champagne, oysters and cocktails, there will also be a projection onto the the front of the 18th Century mansion for Art Night Open, titled Wandsworth Road (2018) by Charlotte Colbert. Get yourself on to the MBNA Thames Clippers Art Night service until 4am and experience The Secret Life of the Potato – the ‘floating arts bar’ with tuber-based libations and snacks by the endlessly innovative Bompas and Parr.

If you are coming to London for Art Night and want to get into the spirit of art-inspired experiences before 7 July, Chino Latino are holding an immersive dining experience inspired by the inimitable Yayoi Kusama on Friday 6 July. With a menu including black cod, lobster and an immersive dessert room, you’ll be surrounded by Kusama’s trademark dots while you gaze out of the twelfth floor window over the river towards the Houses of Parliament. In addition, on Art Night itself, you’ll be able to get a delicious Mojito there for £7.

A selection of dishes from the Yayoi Kusama-inspired dinner at Chino Latino

We’re excited to explore this area further – let us know if you are coming on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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Out and About on the Art Night trail: Nine Elms & Battersea

This year, the Art Night trail begins by the iconic Battersea Power Station and runs through to the South Bank, via Vauxhall and Nine Elms. We’re here to take you through the things to see and do in the Nine Elms area, whether on Art Night itself or in the coming weeks.

On 7 July Nine Elms will feature four Hayward Gallery-curated artist projects: Suzanne Treister by Battersea Power Station, Tamara Henderson at New Covent Garden Market, Miao Ying at Embassy Gardens Marketing Suite, Jeremy Deller at Prince of Wales Drive. In addition, the Art Night Open programme of local artists and galleries have projects across the Battersea area, including a screening of video works from the David Roberts Collection followed by a club night in collaboration with Lisson Gallery in Battersea Power Station Village Hall and exhibitions in Pump House Gallery and Nine Elms Pavillion. While you are exploring the art on offer, don’t miss the chance to appreciate the area itself. The Art Night map will guide you towards some of its biggest landmarks.

Image courtesy of Battersea Power Station

First, Battersea Power Station, which you can’t miss: it’s one of world’s largest brick buildings. It was designed by the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott who also designed Bankside Power Station – later Tate Modern. The two buildings are now conveniently only a boat ride away from each other. There will be a bespoke MBNA Thames Clippers service from Battersea Pier running until 4am for Art Night, so don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful travel opportunities the river provides. Early bird tickets will be on sale from 16 June.

You’ll be able to appreciate Battersea Power Station itself with its trademark chimneys illuminated in their full glory as it serves as a backdrop for Suzanne Treister’s 80m long mural, SURVIVOR (F) + Interplanetary Dresses For Space Travel (2018), featuring watercolours from her SURVIVOR (F) project combined with images of the power station’s iconic chimneys.

Circus West Village at Battersea Power Station will be transformed into the Art Night 2018 Festival Square, hosting workshops and artist projects, as well as providing information and limited edition merchandise on the night. There will be a floristry workshop hosted by Moyses Stevens, and a print workshop taking place in The CoffeeWorks Project.

For those hungry (and not only for art), there will be special menus and late openings in many of the restaurants in Circus West Village. Dine at the local Italian Fiume, where there will be a special Art Night cocktail, stay at Mother London after your pizza for experimental music and try out Wright Brothers, the famous seafood merchants from Borough (if you are into seafood there will be another opportunity to enjoy it here with the London Seafood Festival happening later this month from 20-24 June). Not only are there many food offers, but drinks as well: try a wine flight at Vagabond, or have an espresso martini at The CoffeeWorks Project while you have a go at the printmaking workshop with Portable Print Studio.

Image courtesy of Mother Restaurant

Battersea Brewery will be running a pop up bar on the Circus Village West piazza where you can enjoy their new lager. Later, after Marinella Senatore’s London Procession, if you’re inspired to dance head to the the Village Hall at Battersea Power Station located under the arches in Circus West Village, where you’ll have a chance to experience Lisson Gallery’s club night, following the video screenings from the David Roberts Collection. Enjoy drinks and seasonal dishes at No.29 Power Station West while experiencing Queertopia  a collection of artists’ films curated by Gemma Rolls-Bentley for Daata Editions in the downstairs screen room.

Find out more about Festival Square here. 

If you head east from Battersea Power Station, you’ll come to New Covent Garden Market.

Tamara Henderson at Flower Market. Image courtesy of the artist.

The nocturnal market is the largest wholesale market in UK and supplies numerous retailers, and it is probably the place that is most wide awake in London at 4am. Instead of its usual produce, during Art Night you will find various art installations, including Tamara Henderson’s performance Vision 3: Flowering Transition (2018). Henderson’s work from her recent Kiln Residency at CASS Sculpture foundation will feature in her performance involving eight characters derived from the life cycle of plants. Before going inside you will be able to see Anna Skladmann’s site-specific installation on the building front of the Flower Market, Ghost In The Machine. Up on the Upper Car Park in New Covent Garden Market, take part in Özge Topçu’s project Agora – in the run up to Art Night the artist will hold a series of workshops in which she will ask the participants to come up with designs for alternative public spaces. You can get involved here.

To keep you up past midnight, stop at Black Cab Coffee located at Riverlight opposite Embassy Gardens, where you can sip espresso and watch the futuristic performance SHATTERED HEARTS OF GLASS 2099 by Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Rebecca Jagoe, Mati Jhurry and Zoe Marden from 6pm–midnight.

Miao Ying, Chinternetplus, 2016. Image courtesy of the artist.

Further east down Nine Elms Lane you will find Embassy Gardens next to the new U.S. Embassy, displaying the work of Miao Ying at their Marketing Suite.  Visit the Embassy Gardens’ show apartments for Miao Ying’s VR experience, conceived as a form of ‘lifestyle hypnotism,’ responding to this years themes of ‘home’ and ‘urban landscape.’

We look forward to welcoming you to this historic yet vibrant area south of the river…

Words: Anna Kovaleva @a_n_y_a 

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Art and Technology come together at Art Night 2018

Now in its third edition, Art Night continues to support projects at the intersection of art and technology. Visitors will be invited to experience works by a variety of international artists working with new media art. Some of the highly anticipated projects include a virtual reality piece by Miao Ying entitled Happily Contained; Dwelling, an installation by Taiwanese video artist Yuan Goang Ming; and narrated digital journeys through the ShadowMemory app. These projects reflect the growing desire among contemporary artists to adapt new tools to create their work, as well as the phenomenon of cultural institutions exploring emerging new models between physical and virtual space.

New media such as virtual reality, augmented reality or digital applications allow for the creation of art inside virtual reality and digital systems, offering a new discipline at the threshold of painting, sculpture and performance. It offers early adopters an opportunity not only to make art accessible to younger, more digitally savvy visitors, but also to extend an artwork’s reach beyond its physical form to reach global audiences. The work of Art Night particularly drives such accessibility by celebrating diversity, culture, heritage and architecture of London, inviting international artists and audiences to become a part of Art Night.

This year the festival also marks a special point in some of the artist’s careers. Art Night features the first public unveiling of Random International’s new work as well as showcasing the first virtual reality work by Chinese artist Miao Ying.

Self-proclaimed ‘Resident of the Internet’, Miao Ying’s art is considered the forefront of digital innovation in art, opening new medium for understanding the concepts of ideology and value in our everyday lives. With support from EcoWorld Ballymore, her work Happily Contained, a co-commission by Art Night and dslcollection, is installed in the Marketing Suite for the Embassy Gardens development in Nine Elms. The viewer, enabled by a HTC Vive headset and MSI to experience the piece, is immersed in an alternative world, in which they are exposed to a journey in search of utopia and contemporary ideas of home. In this project the use of virtual reality with software by immersive technology agency Somewhere Else allows Ming to invite users to enter her alternative world, through which she challenges them to revisit their understanding of self.

The first public unveiling of Self and Other by London-based art group Random International was commissioned by St James (Berkeley Group) and follows the concept of self-discovery. Specifically, the project explores what human movement can reveal about identity and the relationship we have with our image. Random International, who are working with FUTURE\PACE, have been making work that questions aspects of identity and autonomy in the post-digital age and invites active participation from its audiences. Their internationally acclaimed piece Rain Room entered the collection of LACMA having been exhibited under the museum’s historic Art and Technology initiative. The work Random International will present at Art Night is an LED work which mirrors movement and will be showcased with a dance performance from Studio Wayne McGregor.

Further connections between technology and art will be made through the participation of the ShadowMemory app, presented by GRAD. The application has an innovative concept of inviting its users to experience the urban environments in different and unexpected ways. Six international artists will act as online guides, each transforming conventional transit zones into places of interest with the use of interactive geo-location technology, which will trigger online content. Through individual journeys, users will be able to explore political themes like LGBT movements and the effects of shifting human behavior on local communities, all in creative and accessible ways.

After taking a walk across the Art Night trails of the ShadowMemory app, Art Night visitors might happen upon Hayward Gallery’s al fresco screening of Yuan Goang-Ming’s video work Dwelling. Like Ying’s work, the piece centres around the cultural nuances of ‘home’, the video beginning with an ordinary-looking sitting room. However, Goang-Ming shifts away from the tranquil by introducing a climatic blast that sends objects flying in every direction, before reversing their course and returning to their original position intact. The artist depicts how unthinkable can easily invade the mundane, challenging our understanding of what safety can really mean in the digital age.

Projects unveiled at Art Night offer audiences unique experiences at the confluence of art and technology. While the full potential of new media art is yet to be explored, an underlying theme remains – the digital tools are not necessarily a replacement for traditional arts practices, but rather a parallel space and enhancement vehicle to support the creative process. They allow artists and institutions to transcend political and cultural boundaries, opening space for new developments of artistic creation.

Words: Aleksandra Artamonovskaja @aljaparis

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The 10 Best Urban Night Scenes in Film

Art Night weaves a trail of nocturnal discovery in the city for one night each year. In the spirit of staying awake past bedtime, we take a look at some of the inspirational films that have perfectly captured the mystique of the streets after the sun goes down.

Taxi Driver (1976), Dir: Martin Scorsese

In this neon visual delight of a crime drama, an insomniac taxi driver played by Robert de Niro cruises the streets of night-time New York. The fixed camera shots of the illuminated city passing by have become iconic since the film’s release in 1976.


Victoria (2015), Dir: Sebastian Schipper

Victoria unfolds over one night in Berlin, when four local Berliners recruit an innocent accomplice to be their getaway driver. It’s a tale of the effervescence of youth that thrives at night in the incandescent spaces of nightclubs and artificially lit streets. The film is also a cinematographic feat, shot entirely in one take over the course of a suspenseful night.


A Clockwork Orange (1971), Dir: Stanley Kubrick

This 1971 classic from Stanley Kubrick caused controversy on its release, centering around a gang of delinquents who cause trouble under the cover of darkness in a dystopian near-future Britain. The ominous scenes, like the one pictured above, shot in an underpass below Wandsworth Bridge in London, play with light and shadow to a visually menacing effect.


Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Dir: Denis Villeneuve

Continuing in the dystopian vein, Blade Runner 2049 is an American neo-noir science fiction film awash with vibrant neon hues. Set thirty years after the first Blade Runner film, it takes place in a dystopian Los Angeles where a secret threatens to instigate a war.  


Daphne (2017), Dir: Peter Mackie Burns

Shot in Art Night 2018 territory, south of the river, we couldn’t leave Daphne off our list. We follow the film’s namesake, the fiery Daphne, in her often dysfunctional life. The film’s mesmerizing use of bird’s-eye-view camera shots capture the bustling vibrancy of London after dark and the inevitable loneliness that comes with living in a big city.


All These Sleepless Nights (2016), Dir: Michal Marczak

Somewhere between exhaustion-induced hysteria and dreaming comes Michal Marczak’s All These Sleepless Nights. A fiction/documentary hybrid, the lives of three young people in Warsaw become entangled in endless nights spent roaming the streets and seeking encounters from one party to the next. The night is a time of hedonistic abandon in Marczak’s portrayal. 


A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014), Dir: Ana Lily Amirpour

This black and white thriller, the first feature film from Ana Lily Amirpour, takes place in the Iranian ghost-town ‘Bad City’. Breathtakingly haunting wide-angled shots reveal a worn-down city where men who disrespect women are hunted by a skateboarding vampire who rules the night.


You Were Never Really Here (2017), Dir: Lynne Ramsay

A beautifully brutal film, New York after dark has never been so striking as in You Were Never Really Here. The film tells the story of a killer’s quest for redemption against the backdrop of the nocturnal city.


2046 (2004), Dir: Wong Kar-wai

Wong Kar-wai’s fantastical depiction of a futuristic Hong Kong centres on a science fiction writer. The film is a sensual overload of imagery that depicts the writer’s ability to blur fiction, reality, past and future.


Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), Dir: Jim Jarmusch

Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive is a vampire love story with crisp night time scenes, the stillness of which sends shivers down one’s spine. Most striking are the scenes shot in Tangier, Morocco where not even the warmer climate can break the ice of this cool couple who walk the cobbled and dimly lit alleys alone, pondering their place in modern society.  

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Eating & Drinking Art Night 2018

Special offers for Art Night


Marriott Hotel County Hall

The new cocktail Art Night is inspired by the this year’s Art Night 2018 route along the Thames. The mix of flavours like margherita, passion fruit and lime perfectly reflect long summer nights along the river, while the whisky connects it to the history of the London. £13, served all day on 7 July.  

Marriott Hotel County Hall, London County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB



Primo, Brasserie Joel

Make a reservation in Brasserie Joel quoting ‘Art Night’ and after dinner enjoy 2-for-1 on any cocktails of your choice in Primo whilst enjoying the live music between 9pm–11.30pm.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

200 Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7UT




Park Plaza County Hall

Quote ‘Art Night’ at Park Plaza County Hall on Art Night and choose any cocktails and a sharing platter for £29.50.

Park Plaza County Hall London

1 Addington St, Lambeth, London SE1 7RY





Florentine Restaurant and Bar

Enjoy £5.50 Aperol Spritz on the 7 July.

Park Plaza London Waterloo

6 Hercules Road

London SE1 7DU

6pm – 11.00pm



South Bank Centre

Market with food & drink stalls, open until 8pm. 



Brunswick House

Shucked oysters and champagne will be served on the terrace through the early evening, then from 10pm to 2am there will be a cocktail service with a late night food menu in the bar and dining room.

30 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, London SW8 2LG




Spectrecom Studios

Food trucks will be serving street food in the Spectrecom Studios lot from 5pm until late.

73 Kennington Rd, Kennington, London SE11 4PT




Chino Latino

Quote ‘Art Night’ to enjoy our classic Mojito on Art Night for just £7.

Park Plaza London Riverbank

18 Albert Embankment

London  SE1 7TJ 



Nine Elms

New Covent Garden Market Food Exchange

South London food vendors will be serving plant based food at New Covent Garden Market.  Food trucks will include Malobi’s Joint, Little Terra, and En Root.

New Covent Garden Market, London, SW8 5BH
6pm – late


Battersea Power Station


A drop-in printmaking workshop with Portable Print Studio where you can create, print & take home a unique mono-screenprint inspired by Battersea Power Station.

CoffeeWorks Project

6pm – 11pm





Battersea Brewery will be running a pop up bar on the Circus Village West piazza where you can enjoy AURA, their new Kolsch style lager.

Circus Village West Kiosk

6pm – 11pm




Enjoy a flight of Vagabond’s newly released wines, English Bacchus and Pinot Noir rosé, made here at Battersea Power Station. £3.20 per flight, or £7.50 per glass.


6pm – midnight




Enjoy a summery Art Night Cocktail to be served for a discounted price of £4.50.


6pm till late




Enjoy unique Art Night Cocktails at Tonkotsu.


6pm – 12:30am




Enjoy selected modern Indian dishes for £12.

Cinnamon Kitchen





Enjoy Mother’s famous sourdough pizzas made with seawater and cocktails ahead of the music performance.

Mother | 11am – late




Indulge in two free specially dressed oysters when you dine at Wright Brothers!

Wright Brothers

6pm till late



Other Restaurants and Bars on the Art Night trail

Bonnington Cafe | £

11 Vauxhall Grove, London SW8 1TD

07552 475535

Restaurant / Cash Only


Cooperatively run vegetarian and vegan restaurant in community gardens for lunches and candlelit dinners with set menu.

Jihwaja | ££

353 Kennington Ln, London SE11 5QY

020 7582 4680

Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings

Authentic Korean tapas-style bar bites and main dishes with karaoke bar.

Brunswick House | ££ – £££

30 Wandsworth Rd, Vauxhall, London SW8 2LG

020 7720 2926

Restaurant & Bar


Seasonal British dishes on daily menu, served amid mismatched recycled furniture with a design edge.

Termini –  Counter Vauxhall Arches |  ££

Arch 50, South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1SR

020 3693 9600

Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings

Tucked away amongst the arches of bustling Vauxhall station, Italian aperitivo and pizza bar.

Nutbourne | ££ – £££

35-37 Parkgate Rd, London SW11 4NP

020 7350 0555


Walk-ins / Bookings

Farm to table British restaurant

The Latchmere | ££ – £££

503 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BW

020 7223 3549

Bar & Restaurant

Walk-ins / Booking

Pub with beer garden

Cubana | £ – ££

48 Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London SE1 7RG

07474 968275

Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings

Smoothies, cocktails and Cuban dishes in a cafe with an outdoor street food counter and live music.

The Riverside | ££ – £££

Hamilton House, 5 St George Wharf, London SW8 2LE

020 7735 8129

Bar & Restaurant

Walk-ins / Bookings

Thames-side pub with a marble-and-wood bar and year-round outdoor terrace

Atami Japanese Restaurant | ££ – £££

Tideway Industrial Estate, 87 Kirtling St, London SW8 5BP

020 7627 8001


Walk-ins / Bookings

Riverside Japanese Restaurant

Mother | ££ – £££

Battersea Power Station – 2 Arches Lane Circus West Village London SW11 8AB

+44 207622 4386


Walk-ins / Bookings

Italian Restaurant

Number 29 Powerstation West | ££ – £££

29 Circus West Village, Battersea Power Station, London SW8 4NN

0203 857 9872

Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings

Independent neighbourhood bar and restaurant

Fiume Restaurant | ££ – £££

Circus West Village, Battersea Power Station, London SW8 5BN

020 3904 9010

Restaurant & Bar


Modern Italian restaurant

Nine Elms Tavern | ££ – £££

Riverlight Quay, Nine Elms Ln, Vauxhall, London SW8 5BP

020 3437 0004



Modern bar with outdoor terrace

Locale | ££ – £££

County Hall, 3B Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7GP

020 7401 6734

Bar & Restaurant

Walk-ins / Bookings

Bar & Italian Restaurant

Las Iguanas | ££ – £££

Belvedere Road | Festival Terrace Southbank Centre, London SE1 8XX, England

+44 20 7620 1328

Bar & Restaurant

Walk-ins / Bookings

Casual dining restaurant chain originating with a Latin American theme

Westminster Kitchen Grill House | ££ – £££

3A/B Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7GP

020 7928 1986


Walk-ins / Bookings

A comfy, laid-back scene with an open kitchen preparing a grill-focused modern British-Euro menu.

The Fountain & Ink | ££ – £££

52-54 Stamford St, London SE1 9LY

020 3475 1642


Walk-ins / Bookings

Pub serving italian-style sourdough pizzas

The Thirsty Bear | ££

62 Stamford Street, London SE1 9LX, England

+44 20 7928 5354

Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings

High-tech pub where patrons order drinks and food directly from their table using a tablet computer.

Ping Pong Southbank | ££ – £££

Festival Terrace Southbank Centre, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX

020 7960 4160


Walk-ins / Bookings

Chinese chain restaurant for dim sum, fruity cocktails and flowering teas

Honest Burgers | £ – ££

9 Festival Terrace, London SE1 8XX

020 3146 6379



A British burger restaurant

The Hop Locker | £ – ££

Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX

07738 051360



A craft beer stall and bottleshop at Southbank Market with 10 taps and 70-odd bottles and cans.

The Archduke | ££ – £££

153 Concert Hall Approach, Lambeth, London SE1 8XU

020 7928 9370

Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings

Steak restaurant and wine bar under railway arches with free jazz on Fridays and Saturdays.

Caminetto | ££ – £££

9a Mansion House, South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1QX

020 7840 0225
Restaurant & Bar

Walk-ins / Bookings
Cucina Italiana and Wine Bar

Gazette | ££ – £££

79, Sherwood Court, Chatfield Rd, London SW11 3UY

020 7223 0999



Rustic brasserie with brick walls and wooden furniture, offering a classical French menu.

Black Dog Vauxhall | ££ – £££

112 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, London SE11 5ER

020 7735 4440

Bar & Restaurant

Walk-ins / Bookings

Local pub with a rustic vibe, an open kitchen and a dramatic stained-glass arch behind the bar.

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